I always sucked at blog introductions, and yet I always feel like I need to write one. So here we go!

I thought doing a blog on my roller derby experience could be fun. I started about one week ago (very fresh meat!) and am very enthusiast about it. I’m reading a lot about gear, technique, and of course the rules and so it’s quite natural that the idea of writing about my own experience crawled into my mind.

My problem is that I very often start blogs like this, write two articles and then leave them inactive for 10 years. But if I enjoyed writing these two articles, it’s already nice, isn’t it? We’ll see where this goes 🙂

I’m training with Kallio Rolling Rainbow, one of the Helsinki (Finland) teams. I’m a total noob for the moment but I want to become a great skater, and I’m gonna work for it! (hashtag #motivation)

Also the above pictures were taken during the very first time I put skates on (not my gear), during a free skate practice, which was the only time I skated before the start of my Fresh meat course (noob, I told ya). They’re not very high quality but they’re an awesome memory and seemed to fit the theme for an introduction 😀

And… I almost forgot to introduce myself! My roller derby name is Salmi A. Kick, and my teammates call me Col (or Cols? I think both). I’m not from Finland, but I love it way more than my original country. And that’s enough information!

Anyway, welcome on my blog. I hope the other articles will be more interesting!