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February 2016

Protection Pads Cleaning Routine

It’s been a month since I started Roller Derby, and I decided to clean my gear once a month, so it’s time!

Here are my tips on how to take care of your gear. These come mostly from the Internet, and for the ones I tried, I only tried them once, so just keep that in mind 🙂 (that means I’m not responsible if you fuck up your gear)

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Roller Derby Art #1: E*Phi

I always love roller derby art, and today I found quite the gold mine in E*Phi’s tumblr! Not only I love her style, but she has tons of derby related comics – and she takes commissions 😀

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#tbt: My first Roller Derby game

Calm down, I’m talking about the first game I saw, not the first game I took part in – remember, the roller derby noob, me? 😀
(also I think we don’t say game in roller derby, we say “bout”, but I’m not used to that yet)

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