I always love roller derby art, and today I found quite the gold mine in E*Phi’s tumblr! Not only I love her style, but she has tons of derby related comics – and she takes commissions 😀

I first saw one of her “NSO love” comics on Pinterest a while ago, but had no idea of the origin of the drawing, and was far from imagining that there was wayyyy more where that came from! But today I saw another comic of hers on Facebook, and following links after links I finally landed on her website! I’ve been browsing for hours and I’m still not done 🙂


She has a lot of nerdy comics, and often mixes nerd references and derby 😀
For instance, her roller derby name is Princess Troublebum, and so she draws a lot of Adventure Time – what more could I ask for? ❤

Annnd she has a lot of representation! By that, I mean that her characters are not all white and thin, which is always a big plus 🙂

I don’t know a lot of things about the E*Phi herself, except for the fact that she lives in Germany, but loves salty liquorice (also named salmiakki in Finnish *hint hint nudge nudge* look at my name) and is wearing a KRR shirt in one of her comics so… maybe she’s Finnish? Who knows!

I’ll leave you with two final drawings from this wonderful artist, and you can find all the links to her work (for moar awesomeness) at the bottom of the article!

Where to find her (aka FOLLOW ALL THE THINGS):
Her Facebook page
Her Tumblr
Her Instagram account
Her Patreon page
Her Spreadshirt shop
ephi(at)live(dot)de is her email for commissions – don’t make me ashamed of you, don’t ask for free stuff ❤

Links to the images in this article:
Header picture
NSO love
Adventure Time comics
Derby booty
Don’t mess with me