Here’s my first derby knitting project, which I finished a few weeks ago: Skeleton legwarmers! 😀

I found this pattern in a goth knitting book (for real) and it was quite easy, although a bit long to achieve.
The main difficulty with this piece was the change of color, and the fact that there’s a lot of plain black areas that the white thread has to go through (e.g. between the torso and the arms). To solve this I simply created three different white threads, one for the torso and one for each arm – it looked way cleaner this way. Other than that, I love knitting with different colors (as long as it’s no more than two) so there was no problem 🙂
And about the time it took me, well, I hadn’t knit in a long time so it took me a season of Elementary and then some. But it was worth it, and anyway, isn’t that what Christmas holidays are for?

Because it’s a pattern I bought, I obviously cannot post it here, but here are some more photos, to properly show how awesome this pattern is! As you can see, the skeleton is not only visible from the front, but also from the back ❤

He looks a bit too happy to scare opponents on the track, but I guess that’s not the point (yet).

Just after I finished this one, I started another pair of legwarmers, this time clearly derby-themed. I created the pattern myself, so I’ll be able to share it with you once they are properly finished 😀