I’ve just been informed (by my dear derby wife) that it’s been precisely one year since I started roller derby! Wow! How awesome is that?!

Roller derby brought so many things in my life. It made me start sports again (which I hadn’t been serious about in a long, long time), but more importantly it brought me tons of new friends, a great community, a lot of joy and happy memories ❤
It made me realize sport could be something fun you look forward to. It made me see a potential, in myself, that I never dared to imagine before. It made me proud of myself.

In just one year, there’s been a lot of ups and downs. My anklesprain stopped me from skating for a few months, and then I came back to France, where I… kind of lost my motivation. I was sad to be back alone in Paris, and this added to the complicated situation of changing teams was a bit too much for me. But there’s always sunshine after the rain, and I went back to training last Friday, for the first time in 4 months 🙂

How it felt to be back on skates, except clumsier

One year feels both really short and really long. I feel like I’ve done so many things, participated in so many events and met so many people! Some of my Freshmeat team mates have made so much progress and gone so far already! But I also still feel like a beginner, like I started one or two months ago, like I can’t give or take a hit. Which isn’t very far from the truth, I only took part in one scrimmage and it was very confusing!
But that’s ok. I can take my time, there’s no rush. I want to keep going, I want to keep training, I want to become better and stronger. A few bumps along the way isn’t gonna make me give up, not in derby.

Coincidentally, today I started reading a roller derby comics named Slam which almost made me cry because of its accuracy and of how much I miss being on skates and with my dear Finnish team. There are so much good stories about roller derby, but believe it or not, the reality is even better 😀


Here’s to one year, and to many more!