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One year of derby!

I’ve just been informed (by my dear derby wife) that it’s been precisely one year since I started roller derby! Wow! How awesome is that?!

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Minimum skills test… and a sprained ankle!

Finally, the minimum skills test had arrived! In the shape of a boot camp, too: a whole day full of skating, meeting new people, testing our abilities and even our first scrimmage at the end! What could be better than that? But then…. bam, a sprained ankle for me! Not the best thing to pass your skating test. Despite the odds, this day was still awesome, so I decided to write about it!

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My First NSO Trip!

Last weekend, I went to Kuopio for my first Derby trip ever! It was not to play (I’m not there yet) but to officiate. Here’s how it went…

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Roller Derby & Commitment

Roller Derby takes time and commitment, that’s no news. I was wondering what pushes me to put my skates on every night, so here are my thoughts on the subject 🙂

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Welcome :)

I always sucked at blog introductions, and yet I always feel like I need to write one. So here we go!

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