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A KRR Freshmeat Experience

One year of derby!

I’ve just been informed (by my dear derby wife) that it’s been precisely one year since I started roller derby! Wow! How awesome is that?!

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Roller Derby and Queer Feminism

KRR, my roller derby team, asked me to write an article for the Helsinki Pride blog on their behalf. I did, and it was published there. I’m quite proud as it’s the first time I write for something else than a personal blog! I’m also publishing the article on this blog because… well, because I can 🙂

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Minimum skills test… and a sprained ankle!

Finally, the minimum skills test had arrived! In the shape of a boot camp, too: a whole day full of skating, meeting new people, testing our abilities and even our first scrimmage at the end! What could be better than that? But then…. bam, a sprained ankle for me! Not the best thing to pass your skating test. Despite the odds, this day was still awesome, so I decided to write about it!

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My First NSO Trip!

Last weekend, I went to Kuopio for my first Derby trip ever! It was not to play (I’m not there yet) but to officiate. Here’s how it went…

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Roller Derby Rules 101 (for my noob friends)

Every time I mention Roller Derby to someone who doesn’t know what it is, they have strange ideas about it. Is it like ice hockey? Do you just race? Is the track a circle? Is it like in that movie with Ellen Page? Is there a ball (no, nobody actually asked me that one yet). So I always end up telling them about the rules, occasionally while showing them a game from my team on YouTube (see: Easter 2016 with my parents in law). And although I always think it’s gonna be a simple explanation, it always ends up getting very messy – especially when I start eating the cashew nuts representing the skaters.

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Roller Derby & Commitment

Roller Derby takes time and commitment, that’s no news. I was wondering what pushes me to put my skates on every night, so here are my thoughts on the subject 🙂

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Derby Knitting #1: Skeleton Legwarmers

Here’s my first derby knitting project, which I finished a few weeks ago: Skeleton legwarmers! 😀

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NSO Love!

Yesterday I officially started my NSO journey with my first inter-league scrimmage! It was a great experience, and now’s story time 😀

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Protection Pads Cleaning Routine

It’s been a month since I started Roller Derby, and I decided to clean my gear once a month, so it’s time!

Here are my tips on how to take care of your gear. These come mostly from the Internet, and for the ones I tried, I only tried them once, so just keep that in mind 🙂 (that means I’m not responsible if you fuck up your gear)

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